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Feldene is used for the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid or osteo arthritis.

Consumer Medicine Information is in this site "" answers some common questions about Feldene. It does not contain all the available information. Some of the information contained in this site may not apply to you. It does not take the place of talking to your doctor or pharmacist. All medicines have risks and benefits. Your doctor has weighed the risks of you taking Feldene against the benefits it is expected to have for you. If you have any concerns about taking this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Drug title

Feldene (Piroxicam)

Usage indications

Feldene is used for the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid or osteo arthritis.

Mode of application

Recommended dose makes 20 mg once a day or 10 mg twice a day. Feldene should be taken with food.

Mechanism of action

Feldene is a non-steroid anti inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is effective for the treatment of fever, organism pains or inflammations. NSAID treats weak or mild pains caused by traumas, menstrual pains, pains during arthritis and other disfunctions of locomotor apparatus. 

NSAID, including feldene, block the ferment responsible for the production of prostaglandin and causes prostaglandins level decrease. Prostaglandins are responsible for lots of pain, fever or inflammation types. Feldene had been approved in 1982 as a NSAID for the treatment of inflammations and fever.

Missed dozes

During single miss of doze intake, it is necessary to take the doze as soon as possible. If the time of missed doze intake corresponds to the time of next doze intake the drug intake should be missed. The double dosage is prohibited for intake


Store this drug at room temperature away from the sources of heat and light. Don’t store at bath room.


This drug increases the risk of stomach or intestine serious side effects development (e.g. ulcer and bleedings). This risk is increased at elderly people or patients with bad health, smoking or alcool abusing. 

The risk of side effects grows as well if you take cotrico steroid drugs (e.g. prednizolon) or the drugs for blood liquefaction(e.g. varfarine). The side effects might also occur if you take this drug within long period of time. 

This drug can also increase the risk of the development of some serious diseases of heart and blood vessels (e.g. heart attack and apoplexy). Take this drug on doctor’s prescription only at minimum possible doses. Consult your doctor  for more details. Don’t take this drug if you had heavy allergic reaction towards aspirin or the drugs having aspirin as component, or you take non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Feldene, Motrin, Paratsetamol, Daypro).

The heavy side effects might be the following: heavy rash, nettle rash, difficult breathing or giddiness.
Be sure to contact your doctor immediately if you have breathing difficulties, chest constraints, eyelids, face edema. Stop taking this drug on doctor’s recommendation only. Your doctor can prescribe laboratory or medical tests such as blood analysis, liver test and kidney function test for drug efficiency assessment and  side effects revealing, especially if you take this drug for a long period of time. Store your medical and laboratory prescriptions within the entire period you take this drug.

This drug can cause sleepiness and giddiness. If you take this drug for the first time, avoid driving a car, working with mechanisms or making other actions which might be dangerous. This drug intake can increase your skin sun sensitivity. Avoid sun or solariums before you know your reaction for this drug. Use sun protection creme or protective clothes before coming outdoors. 

Consult your doctor on the alcool influence when taking this drug. Always consult your doctor before starting taking  any new drugs. This concerns aspirin and other anaesthetic sold without prescription.

Pregnant women should be extremely cautious as this drug intake can harm fetus. Consult with your doctor on all advantages and risks of this drug intake during pregnancy. If you feed child with breast during this drug intake consult with your doctor to discuss the risks of your child. This drug absorption with milk had not been studied.

Side effects

Most of the patients had encountered few side effects on the intake of Feldene and other NSAID. Nevertheless, side effects might arise on the drug intake at higher doses. That is why it is recommended to use minimum recommended dosage for side effects minimization. 

The most widespread side effects are the injuries of gastrointestinal tract. 

This can cause ulcers, stomach pain, spasms, nausea, gastritis and serious gastrointestinal bleeding and liver illnesses. Sometimes the stomach ulcers and bleedings can occur without any pains at stomach. Black resinous stool, weakness and giddiness during standing can signify the signs of inside bleeding. 

Rash, kidney insufficiency, ringing in the ears and giddiness might occur as well.

Additional information

Do not use this drug for other diseases treatment. Keep this drug away from children and pets. Get sufficient stores of this drug during its continuous intake.

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Feldene is used for the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid or osteo arthritis.

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