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Blog - What are the short-term effects of creatine?

What is Creatine? And what benefits does it have?

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Creatine is, in short, a dietary supplement for fitness and that other athletes can use to increase their performance in the gym. It helps to take strength training to enormous heights. To understand how creatine works, what the purpose of creatine is and why athletes use creatine as a dietary supplement (or why they follow a so-called creatine diet) it is necessary to know what Adenosine Tri Phosphate is.

Adenosine Tri Fosfaat

Adenosine Tri Phosphate plays an essential role in our energy system. Adenosine Tri Phosphate stays in our energy system for as long as possible and helps us achieve great performance. Adenosine Tri Phosphate can ensure that you can deliver tremendous performance for a short time. Handy if, for example, you do strength training and have to lift a lot of kilos of weights once every ten seconds. People in the gym who aim to lose weight, train dry or are engaged in bodybuilding follow a so-called diet, focused on Adenosine Tri Phosphate. As a result, they eat in such a way that the creatine is optimally used.


The food supplement creatine is used in the gym, just like protein powder (protein powder). However, it is seen by avid athletes as the pinnacle of nutritional supplements in terms of sports performance. Because creatine does what it promises, without it being illegal (or being considered doping). Creatine became especially popular in the 1990s. Then it hit the market and it has only grown ever since.

Creatine is a substance in the body, just like proteins. Your body produces creatine itself. This is obtained from food such as fish and meat (which is also the focus of the protein diet).

About 1 gram of creatine is absorbed by your body every day. In total, a body contains about 120 grams of creatine and the great majority (more than 95 percent) is in the muscles.

Creatine and the energy system

Creatine can lead to maximum performance. However, you can deliver a tremendous amount of force for a maximum of twelve seconds. After that, your creatine level is completely back to zero and you have to wait a while before you can do this again. Sports involving a short force explosion are therefore ideal if you want to use creatine. So think of strength training, martial arts and running (sprinting). Handy if you want to try to lose weight or train dry in one of these sports.

Are there any drawbacks?

Creatine has many benefits. So much that you wonder if there are any downsides. Not in itself, except that creatine makes the body retain water longer. But that stops when you stop using creatine. So you can do this with peace of mind. Especially if you also continue to drink a lot of water. Your body can only retain a limited amount of water and will therefore have to let go of the rest when you get above that tax.

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Are you looking for creatine pills? Then you can find your way online, because there is a wide range of creatine. You can buy them online from an online drugstore and they will be delivered neatly to your home. Do take a good look at the manual, so that you do not use too much creatine. That will be pointless and will certainly not lead to more or better results.

Before you take the supplement, learn about its benefits and possible side effects.


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