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Blog - When it’s time to buy a mask, you’ll find there are seemingly endless options

5 tips for when you are going to buy face masks

Do you want to buy mouth masks ? Then you have probably seen that there is a wide choice. And it is important that you find the masks here that suit your situation and your wishes. Because there are so many different types of masks on offer that you may not be able to choose which one to choose. Buying masks does not have to be difficult and with the following 5 tips you will probably come home with the best masks.


Tip 1: only buy non-medical mouth masks


In public transport, non-medical masks are sufficient. These are caps that work like a handkerchief and ensure that you (and the other travelers) cannot transmit the virus to someone else. Medical masks are intended for medical personnel who come into contact with viruses and bacteria on a daily basis and who work with vulnerable people. It is very important to them that these masks are in stock for them. Therefore, it is wise to buy only non-medical mouth masks and leave the medical masks available to the professionals.

Tip 2: watch out when you shop online

A large number of good mouth masks are offered online, but you can also buy mouth masks that are not of sufficient quality. There are individuals who make mouth masks themselves and then offer them online and in principle that is not a problem, but you do not know what you will receive. If you are thinking of buying mouth masks from them, look for any proof of quality as well as reviews from other buyers.

Tip 3: Consider fabric masks

You can buy disposable and fabric face masks. Disposable caps should be disposed of with the residual waste after having used them once. That is convenient, but not financially attractive and not very environmentally friendly either. If you regularly travel by public transport, it is better to invest in a number of textile masks. You can wash and reuse these as often as you like. That is more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

Tip 4: make your mouth masks yourself

You don't have to buy your mouth masks, because you can just make them yourself. You do this with the instructions of the national government. Grab an old T-shirt, a handkerchief or a nice fabric and get started. Especially with a sewing machine you can make a cap in 5 minutes. You can treat these like the textile mouth masks and you have a unique cap that you can use on public transport.

Tip 5: make something fun out of it

You can buy beautiful mouth caps with a pattern, a picture, a color or an image. This way you can make an accessory out of your mouth mask and have it match your clothing. You don't have to choose green or white, but you have great freedom with regard to the appearance. This way you can buy mouth masks that are not only practical but also stylish.


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