Yellow Xanax Bars 2mg

Yellow Xanax Bars 2mg

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3 reviews for Yellow Xanax Bars 2mg

  1. 4 out of 5

    Charlotte Mic

    I started taking Xanax to cure my depression, but all it’s done is make it worse. I’ve been taking 5mg a day for the past 12 years and I can’t stop. someone please help. I have a problem.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amelia Tres

    Been on Xanax for almost 17 years for acute anxiety disorder. I also have a rare heart condition that I take meds for. Xanax was good at first but now after 17 years and up to a prescription of 6mg a day. Just came down from 8mg a day. It’s messing with me. In the past few months I’ve been experiencing what I call googly eyes followed by a headache. I’ve told my Drs and none have an explanation.

    So I did a test myself. Took my heart meds as usual in the morning left out the Xanax. No googly eyes. Until I took one then there it was. Dizzy ,couldn’t see straight had to lay down with a bad headache. Can you build up a bad dose in your body after taking so much for so long? I’ve only been on the 8&6 mg for about 5 years. I have a family and I know I’m going to need in patient care to get off this stupid medicine.

    Also let me add yes I know I’m addicted and dependent but I’m scared and not sure if what to do but try to slowly ween myself off. Of course my dr is helping.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Olivia Dee

    Xanax cured my drinking/Heavy drug problem.. 5 months clean now and I have no feeling or urge to relapse back. Thank you.

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